Submission instructions

Submission for review:

We are planning to produce proceedings on-line via CEUR services, which has been done for STPIS’15, STPIS’16 and STPIS’17. CEUR proceedings are indexed by DBLP, Google Scholar, Scopus, CiteSeer/CiteSeerX, etc. For Scandinavian researchers, the publisher is in the Norska systemet rated as level 1 (which is the highest level for the conferences and workshops).

All submissions should be prepared  using Springer Proceedings format for camera ready submissions, as Springer provides templates for both LaTeX and Word 2003-2010. The templates can be downloaded from .

Paper length: 12 pages maximum for long papers (research/idea/experience reports) and 6 pages maximum for short papers (position papers). Multi-media presentations should have a time limit of 20 min. To submit a multi-media presentation, submit an abstract with a link were the presentation could be viewed in a public space, e.g. SlideShare, YouTube, or on your private or institutional web-side. In addition, an extended abstract should be submitted as a text in PDF in the above format with the maximum length of 3 pages. Posters length should be 2-3 pages

Submissions deadlines for papers (position, idea, research and experience):

First call:
  04 Marsh 2018
Second call: 1 April 2018
Third call: 10 April 2018 23.59 GMT

Posters and multimedia presentations
Open until 1 May 2018 23.59 GMT

Notification of acceptance for papers (position, idea, research and experience):

First call: 7 April 2018
Second call:  21 April 2018
Third call call:  30 April 2018

Posters and multimedia presentations: 7 May 2018

Submission site:

Abstracts and papers for review should be submitted to the EasyChair site: Submission is open
When submitting indicate the category of your paper (Position, Idea, Experience, Research, Multi-media, Poster)

Submission instructions for camera ready

Camera ready submission – deadline 15 May
accepted papers should submit a new version before or on 10 May

  1. Camera ready paper should be prepared using the same Springer template as for submission for review.
    Please remove all headers and page numbers
  2. The size limit for camera ready is 16 pages for long papers, 8 pages for position papers, and 4 pages for posters. The authors are advised to extend their papers to address the issues pointed to by the reviewers, and add more details about their experience or research. The latter could be done in form of appendixes.
  3. The copyright on your articles remains with the authors, however, the authors will need to sign permission that can be downloaded from here . The filled and signed form should be email to
  4. The deadline for camera ready submissions is 15 May. Conditionally accepted papers should be submitted by 10 May to allow an extra review.
  5. To submit  go to, change role to “Proceeding author”, and upload your new version. Note: the last submitted version is automatically moved to the proceedings.


Early bird registration (cheaper) – deadline 07 May 2018
Registration page
At least one of the authors of an accepted paper should register before the early bird deadline. You can register just for one day workshop, for two days workshops, or for the whole event including the conference and workshops